Minth Nosferatu Invictus

In exchange for a little information Marvin had given Minth a place to hunt and hide. This was a few years ago and Minth still calls this park home. He keeps the place clear of stray animals and reports in with Marvin once a week. Having this place mostly to himself he enjoys watching the people who visit. About six months ago a new face in the crowd caught his attention. She was a fresh vampire, not yet sure of the new world around her. Normally if some one like this came into his park he would just ask them to leave and then report the incident to Marvin, but this time it was different for him, as he watched he didn't see any indication that she had come here to feed. It was as it she was just walking the park like many of the mortals do. Minth after being shut out from most of his kind, due to that little bit of information he had given Marvin, felt it was time to make a friend. That's is indeed what happened over the next few months they started to talk with one another and find a common feeling of loneliness, she is so far the only vampire in his park that Marvin does not know about.