Carman Oster Ventrue LS

Carman has worked with Vern closely for many years and now, with him in power, she sees her opportunities on the rise. Having been a faithful follower, she has earned respect among many with in the LS and those who don't respect her have a small fear growing inside of them that she will soon be able to control too much of their unlives. She earns her respect, not though direct action, but though her ability to have other do what she wants to have done. Vern has used her services a few times before, and wants to repay those debts to her quickly, so she has gained much in the past year. Many of these gains do not seem to help her at all and, to outsiders, mostly seem to be a burden. Carmen, however, sees the real power in all of these burdens and feels that her faith in Vern was not misplaced.