Amelia Mansel Ventrue Orde Dracul

Leader of the order in New York Amelia has had many trials to make it though. The change in leadership of the city has been of great concern to her as the new prince has shown a great distain for the order in the past. The new members to the Order also concern her as they don't seem to be as dedicated as she thinks they need be.

As the leader of the Order in the city she has many enemies to over come. The newest she has added to this list is Vern Sanghani, the new prince. Though taking power with a whimper more then a roar he is trying to cement his position. Amelia having liked the old prince for his vision and easy and even hand in running the city, has made it a goal of hers to root out all those who made it possible for Vern to become prince. Amelia having grown up in Ireland she knows what a zealot like Vern can do when given that much power. Over the past year she has been making moves that have kept Vern from using the power that he now should enjoy. Others have been helpful in this effort and wish to see the fall of Vern.