James Rutherford

Mekhat Carthian

I am a rather unassuming figure. As you see me, I stands about 5?11 with short brown hair kept neatly dressed and clean shaven, and can usually be found wearing a dress shirt of some sort and a pair of pressed kakhi pants. I think my figure is one of reasonable shape, roughly 175 pounds, and athletic to some degree, some people just call me a technogeek.

I should be just about 35 by now, but there was a flaw in the design, or maybe its going accordingly. At one time I was a graduate student persuing my Masters in Political Science in upstate New York. That came to an end as well, a story for another time perhaps.

I spent several years traveling the world, seeing the sights and sounds of the worlds political stage, also developing a deep satisfaction and respect for the freedoms that America gives, but also a festering hatered for the political structure of the Mekhet I had been made.

One night last fall, I foumd myself in New York City. A whirlwind of activity was being planned in preperation for the 2004 Republican National Convention. I had always felt that Republicans held true to my belief system, and if GWB had more of a spine, and not just tried to finish what Daddy couldnít do, we would have more respect, but what do I know. Being a rebellious liberal I was prowling the back edges of the crowd looking more for some companionship of another kind than a discussion on socialist humanitarianism.

I found myself in the arms of an absolutly georgous blond named Judy Lone, and we found ourselves a dark corner off the end of the stage. Before I knew it we were wrapped in a heated embrace. Little did I know that the word embrace would come back to haunt me forever.

I awoke the next morning with a very strage ache in my chest, and an empty feeling all at once. I realized that I was not at home almost immeadiatly, but it took me a few minutes to become aware of my surroundings and that I was not at my hotel either. I padded barefoot around the apartment, looking for anyone to tell me what was going on. I came across Judy in her study, and was relieved at first, until I caught the bits of her phone conversation about havens, sires, a prince?!?, and I think she said Mekhet, whatever the hell that is.

She sat me down, and through the door appeared a rather brutish looking fellow she only referred to as Hank. who didnít speak but his body said a lot. I looked at her quizzically, and she began a long and complicated tale, explaining that I had been made a vampire, a creature of the night in the strictest sense of the word. Needless to say I was in shock.

As the night wore on I came to understand the political structure of a completely different world, in particular the Mekhet.

Jumping forward through the past year I have become familiar with my surroundings and am now a driving force for change in the clan, a Carthian Movement poster child of sorts. I see room for change, good ones too.

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