Setting: New Orleans
Game Date: 15 Oct 87
Chronicle: TBA
Play date: 19 Feb 06

We open with our Characters in Louis Armstrong Park; they feel as if something is terribly wrong. The streetlights seem hollow & pale; they are suffering from a hunger they can't quite figure out. They do know that even their favorite foods don't sound good to satiate this hunger.

They each realize they are not alone as they look around they see each other. They seem to be drawn to each other. After the introductions are over they hear some partygoers coming from the direction of the French Quarter. As the partiers get closer they seem drawn to the body heat, the sound of heartbeats. Watching the jugular pound with the blood pumping through.

One of them is unable to resist the urge to attack; the others casually grab their prey and feed. We end up with two unconscious victims and one dead body. Fortunately, along comes Father John Morrow he gets them to walk away, he makes scene look like a routine homicide. He gets them to follow him down the street to his church.

Father John explains to them some of their new life, or is it unlife? Then the sheriff, Alexander, arrives and Father John advises them to just cooperate and follow direction as in the long run it will be better for them.

Alexander gets them to get into his car and he drives them to a mansion in the Garden District. He escorts them to a rear door and locks them in the basement to wait for their audience with Prince Vidal. Fortunately, this is a windowless room since they fell into a deep slumber.

Shortly after they awake the next evening, Alexander arrives to escort them to the main floor of the mansion where they meet Prince Vidal. He tells them he will take their confession(s) now. Our really confused players confess to Vidal things they did in their mortal life but they are too ashamed to confess what happened in the Park. Vidal advises them to return to the Park, which he believes to be the site of their Embrace, because maybe through meditation and prayer they can determine who did this. Vidal also tells them if they find out any more information he would like to know. Vidal dismisses them.

Alexander gives them a ride back to Louis Armstrong Park. Alexander tells them to meet him in about an hour at the cemetery they passed. They spend sometime in the park, but the only clue is that Jack gets a feeling of unease coming from somewhere off to his left. Jacks van is parked nearby; they all pile into Jack's van and proceed to cemetery.

When they get to cemetery Jack's feeling of unease becomes more pronounced, that he can actually track it to its source. In the back corner of the cemetery they find a circle of blood and that one of the crypt's lids has been moved. After a short interruption from a local bunch of street hoods, they moved the lid of the crypt and find a bunch of trash bags with women's clothes in them. They also found a cell phone, that rang, when they answered it the woman on the other end asked for Jack. She told him she was sorry and that he needed to be careful because, "they were gonna get one of them and she hoped it would be her" …the battery on the cell phone died at that moment.

Alexander shows up they tell him what they found and about the phone call. Alexander takes them to Maldanato. Where they relate the whole story again, and he tells them to search the area around the cemetery for clues. He also tells them they need to find a place to stay for the daylight is fast approaching, he tells them to make sure that all sources of sunlight are completely sealed off or they will die from the touch of the sun.

They all retire to Kaspian's apartment. Jack & Charles are mysteriously drawn back out of the apartment to the ground outside where they meld with the ground for their day of slumber.

Upon arising, Jack tells the others that he has a woman stuck in his head. "She is a black woman with blonde hair, wearing a small gold crucifix." They decide that this must have something to do with either the woman that called Jack or how he came to be Kindred. Kaspian decides he is gonna go talk to Det. Mike Rample at the New Orleans Police Department the others are gonna go check out the area around the cemetery and see if they can spot the black woman or see if anyone in the area recognizes her description.

Kaspian finds out that the woman is, known to Mike Rample as, a prostitute that works the area just outside the French Quarter. Her name is Marie. Kaspian goes to find the others.

The others find out that a woman who fits the description of the woman Jack describes is named Mary and is often seen in the area and around "the old burned up physic's place."

After they all get back together they exchange info and decide to check out the burned out building. After narrowly missing the trap on the back door they enter the building. Buckets of glass are helpful and make wonderful traps. They find Mary inside praying. Jack walks up to her and touches her on the shoulder. She proceeds to tell Jack that she is who created him but that she was blackmailed into doing so. She is very sorry.

Jack makes decision to help her stay out of the Prince's hands but while the players are arguing amongst each other over the wisdom of this decision Mary slips away unnoticed.

They go see Father John and are introduced to Antoine Savoy…

To Be Continued…

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