Setting: New Orleans
Game Date: 29 Oct 87
Chronicle: TBA
Play Date: 02 Apr 06

We open with our heroes meeting with Father John at Corpus Christie Church. They wanted to see if he could identify any of the names they seem to be remembering upon waking each evening. He told them how to find Miss Opal. They have also spent quite a bit of time learning about the condition they find themselves.

Father John and others have been helpful to them in learning about their own makeup. They also found two others that have no clue what happened or how they came to be vampires. Tina Baker & Cecelia Harrigan Our heroes have befriended them and helped them out as much as possible. They have been introduced to Father John and Father John advised them to get them to Vidal soon, but Vidal is busy right now with Andrea and trying to find out what the scene at Corpus Christie was all about. The group agreed that they should do so, when he isn’t so busy.

They are learning about the various talents that seem to be inherent to each of their make up. Like Jack & Charles being able to meld with the earth in the first night. After meeting with Father John our gang of adventurers decide to split up to search for more information.

Jack & Charles went to the Zoo to talk with the wolves to see if they can find out if the myth of werewolves is real or just a myth. The wolves at the Zoo didn’t know. So Jack & Charles set out to the northwest of the city where they found a fox and talked with him about the rumor. The fox wasn’t really helpful, but he did tell them to beware of the east cause “sharpteeth” live there.

Tina, Cecelia, Edward, & Kaspian went to talk with Miss Opal. They learned where Nathaniel Dubois used to live and are going to check it out. Since that is one of the names that more than one of them seem to remember from what can only be the night of their transformation into the creatures they are now.

To Be Continued...

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