Battletech Update 2 – 09 Apr06

As you know Kurita had asked us to pull out due to a major seismic event happening on planet, this was later identified as half a warship impacting the planet. Kurita paid us off the rest of our contract.

Col. Wilder & his contracting staff managed to get us two new contracts. One of the contracts is for security forces; to protect our client’s interests in the area they will be garrisoned. The other contract is for pirate hunting in the periphery.

Our pirate hunters are: Col. Wilder, Svetlana Tschler, Jes Alyn, Jeordi LaForge, Hiram Blackmoor, & Zhai McShane. Plotting probable locations of the pirate base via sensor readings is how we will determine what planets to check out; we will prioritize them in order of likelihood to contain the base.

We searched a couple of planets one of them had a dual site mining operation. We went down to the mining operation facilities. The first facility appeared to have some type of major battle in the above ground operations areas. This was evidenced by what was a pool of blood and body parts in and near the airlocks. All the heating systems were off line to the facility and there was no power. In the med bay we found a fairly well preserved body. Our Doc is trying to find out cause of death. When we brought portable power units down to find info on the computers we found out they were a gem mining operation. We also found out that there was another site to the west of this one. So while the salvage teams were collecting anything salvageable, we went to investigate the other operation.

The other operation did not appear to have had as much battle take place there. In the crew quarters were found a hand written log suggesting a “secret weapon” with coordinates. So we sent a salvage team to the second mining operation, while we went to check out the coordinates that were listed in the journal. At the coordinates we found a power plant and some type of warehouse. Under the warehouse we found what appeared to be a ‘Mech bay. There were some crates of ammunition and some antique ‘Mech parts. We salvaged all we could from this site as well.

On the next planet we found what, was once a very large civilization, City. Apparently, they entire planet was evacuated in a very through and orderly manner. How do we know this you might ask? Well, the fact that only the buildings are on the planet. No furniture, no computers, no personal belongings, no signs of any type of violence or war, and no trash either.

Finding the pirates is going to be tough! We will find them rest assured of that.


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