The Gallows Hunters met on 26 Mar 06 and the following are the events that unfolded:

We started out doing some practicing on various skills like shooting and piloting our ‘Mechs. We got into a minor skirmish in with some unknown assasins. Unfortunately, Jordi had a bullet “graze” him in the head, Col. Wilder got shot in the leg and is currently laid up in the med bay aboard the “Hangman”. We found no type of ID’s on the ones we took out in the gunfight, but we did find a fair amouint of House Kurita money on them.

Then persuant to our contract with Kurita we were requested to assist a Kurita lance out in thier engagement with a Steiner Heavy lance. We of course saved the Kuritans. Mikul fell down alot but we still came out victorius. We managed to salvage some of the Steiner ‘mechs: we salvaged a mostly intact Locust, a beat up Jaeger, a beat up Hatchetman. Our techs believe that they can completely salvage the Jaeger, and we are keeping the Locust and all of the ammunition that was available. As per our contract we will be giving the rest to Kurita including our old Locust as thier portion of the salvage.

Upon our arrival back at the dropport base Mikul was given a medal from Kurita for his amusing SNAFU with communications in the field. Mikul had asked Kidd to get him an open frequency to the Steiner lance. When Kidd got him the frequency, unknown to Mikul, it was the command frequency for ALL Steiner forces on the planet. Mikul asked all Steiner Forces to surrender unconditionally to him, the answer was no from the Commander of all Steiner forces in theater. Kurita found it humorous so they awarded him a medal for a valiant effort…Laughs will be had for a long time over that one.

After refit and repairs it was back into the field doing recon work. We ran into a Stiener assault lance and were engaged in battle when a sesmic event struck the planet at about 9 on the richter scale. It knocked part of both lances down to the ground. Mikul radioed back to Col. Wilder on the “Hangman” to find out what happened and he was told to disenegage and give coordinates to the “Rum Runner” for pick up. Kurita is “bugging” out and they want to rendevous with us in orbit.

After the “Rum Runner” picked us up we looted all the supplies left behind by Kurita and other mercenary units. We found out that approximately half a Warship impacted with the planet causing the sesmic event we felt in the field.

To Be Continued...

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