We are a mercenary unit in the year 3042. Our leader, and man that signs the checks is Col. Kelvin Wilder, he also negotiates the contracts. Wilder is a veteran status 'Mech Pilot who pilots a "Highlander". 2Lt. Mikul Morgan is a green status 'Mech pilot who thinks he's the best pilot in the universe, when in actuality he is a clutz in a 'Mech, currently he is in a "Locust". Sgt. Zhai McShane is an elite status 'Mech pilot who really is a "hotshot" that is currently fielding a "Spider". PFC. Hiram Blackmoor is a regular status 'Mech pilot who much like Morgan is kinda a clutz too he is currently fielding a "Stinger". Jon Henry Kidd is a regular status 'Mech pilot who currently is piloting a "Hatchetman". Kurt Newblood is a veteran status 'Mech pilot who is piloting a "Stinger". Roslyn Gwylgi is a veteran status 'Mech pilot who is really a fair hand with weapons; she fields a "Panther" in battle. Collectively we are "The Gallows Hunters"!!

We currently have the following 'mechs field ready: Stinger, Panther, Locust, Hatchetman, Spider, Crockett and a Highlander. We also have the following 'Mechs being made battle ready: two Banshees, Griffin and a Catapault. We also have two dropships: a leopard class named the "The Hangman" & a Fortress named "The Rum Runner". The Hangman is owned by Col. Wilder & the Rum Runner is owned by 2Lt. Morgan. We also have 4 tanks that are in really bad shape so our techs are trying to get them battle ready. We have a squad of infantry at this time.

More to come…

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