NPC: Miss Opal
Role: Primogen
Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: Carthians
Apparent Age: Middle-aged

Miss Opal is regarded among neonates as one of the most accessible of the Domains luminaries. Her dedication to the Carthian cause has won her numerous supporters, and she strives to encourage the impression that any resident Kindred (especially a fellow Carthian) can come to her whenever legitimate need arises.

Miss Opal refused the title of Priscus. It strengthened the relationship she has with Baron Cimitiere, the clan's true elder in New Orleans, for whom she holds great respect. It showed the rest of the Kindred how dedicated she was to her responsibilities as one of Vidal's Primogen.

She has spent the better part of 25 years "working" Vidal from within. She knows that her fellow Carthian and Primogen, Coco Duquette, has been unable to accomplish much, given her relative youth and the difficult choices the Prince seems to enjoy giving her. Thus, Miss Opal's plan is to try to tag team Vidal by making it seem as though she has her eye on either political or ideological matters. In truth she admires Duquette's passion, while pitying the situation the Mekhet finds herself.

Miss Opal has recently come to the realization that the fortunes of her clan, ever her top priority, are solidly linked to those of the Carthian Movement than she ever before realized. Given Vidal's crackdown on Baron Cimitiere, it is only a matter of time before clan and cause merge into purpose.

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