Name: Kaspian Corvin

Kaspian Corvin was born Jason Corvin in a map dot town in southern Ohio. His mother and father had been rather… ill-equipped to raise children when he was born, and as such, he spent most of his childhood left to his own devices. If anything had been different about his starting point, were it more involvement with his family, a different locale, or something as simple as a few more friends, then he likely would have remained Jason Corvin, and his story would have no reason to be told. As he aged, the boy's mind turned to books to fill gaps in his time. And, like any other addiction, his hunger for more only grew. After years, many of them where he was more or less part of the background, Jason officially adopted his name Kaspian, after a very old mariner he'd read about. Although the two of them didn't have much in common, they did share a bond that mattered. A hunger for knowledge, and to know things that common men and women never even cared to learn. When he went to college, after making his name change legal, Kaspian discovered one of the greatest puzzles of all. People. He'd never appreciated just how complex or deep (shallow too) that people could be. Unfortunately, though, staying in one place and learning from the pages of his old companions anymore couldn't satisfy Kaspian. So, after a little bit of thought and time to decide, he packed up shop and rode down south, ending up in a permanent residence a hop, skip, & a jump from the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Ever the resourceful cully. Kaspian managed to get by his first year, when he turned 22, on a combination of looks and luck. So much time spent observing the human condition made him aware of how to judge what he saw, and how to deal with what he still considered to be one of the collective puzzles that was never truly solved.

Unaccustomed, or maybe just not fit for standard work, Kaspian had to get creative. As such, he made due. Genealogy chars made as a free lancer, occasional gossip columns that he'd contribute to, in addition to a few problems solved helped him scrape by. After years of residence, and exploring dozens of avenues that at least helped keep his mind sharp, and which sometimes netted him a consultants fee with the cops, Kaspian finds himself in yet another set of unusual circumstances. No more sunrises, no more front doors, and no more pizza, as he's want to say with a particularly bitter grin that shows all of his teeth.

Always adaptable, Kaspian accepts things and moves on. He doesn't know how he got like this, nor does he really care, but things change. Perhaps, once the novelty has worn off, he'll realize just how royally fucked he is. Then he will try to solve the next of his pet mysteries. Whose fault is this?

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