Name: Jack McCandless
Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: Unaligned
Apparent age: Mid 20's

Jack was never exactly handsome, thin of build and very pale. He usually wore simple slacks and shirts usually in earth tones. However, he always wears expensive running shoes when he's working.

The Embrace has made his features even starker. Where he used to be described as thin, he is now skeletal. He used to be described as pale; now he would be described as extremely, disturbingly lifeless looking, especially under fluorescent lights.

It wasn't a glamorous work, but until last night Jack McCandless made a good living running envelopes and packages all over New Orleans, and was damned good at it. He knows the city inside and backwards, all the good thing about the French Quarter (which of course is a nightmare to drive through), and the neighborhoods best left alone.

He thinks he strayed into one of those neighborhoods last night, but he doesn't remember for sure which is very disconcerting to him as he possesses a razor-keen memory. All he remembered was a last minute delivery, and that he was looking forward to going home, having a beer when he saw a really good-looking hooker on the sidewalk…

He still has his van, though, and that's a big comfort. The package, however is gone, and that worries him for some reason

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