NPC: Augusto Vidal
Role: Prince of New Orleans
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum
Apparent Age: Mid-to-late 30's

Augusto Vidal's star has not shifted from the mansion of fortune for two-and-half centuries, and the simple truth is he is growing weary. Unknown to even his closest ally and advisor, he has recently slipped beyond the veil of mortal sustenance and into the dark realm of cannibalism. He has not yet degenerated into actual diablerie, but fears that will come for him very soon, and the pressures to get his affairs in order before that happens is taking a serious toll on him in recent nights.

The truth is that Vidal has spent so long maintaining the grip on the reins of power in New Orleans that he simply doesn't know how to hand the domain over to someone else. Decades ago he was stripped of the power to sire a worthy successor, and it is proving devastating to the family-obsessed Catholic Ventrue.

Vidal is waging a war of attrition against his own sanity. The appearance of weakest has signaled a call to arms amongst his enemies. Even bitter rivals have joined forces against him to take advantage of the one time----the only time---- when the great Augusto Vidal is at his most vulnerable. Vidal even suspects those closest to him except for his Seneschal, who disappointed him by refuse to run the domain for the time he will be in torpor. Vidal knows that he is on borrowed time, and he struggles nightly with not only what must be done but with how he could have ended up in this situation after so long in control. He had been so careful!!

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