Game log

(8) Todd: see Valdrin it worked out better for you
(6) KittyKat: lol
(13) Mike: that was my one good roll
(13) Mike: now i get owned the rest of the night
(8) DM: What is th D for?
(16) enwewn: random moster token
(14) Malkiev: It's a vision of us in the near future!
(8) Todd: House keepring about done?
(8) Todd (whispering): I will just stay on as todd until we figure out how to get the alias tree working...
whispering to enwewn, Todd, what part is not working... your name wont change in the tree only for the post
(6) Khalan: are we still in a town?
(16) enwewn: I am done it I don't crash open agian...
(8) Todd: What comes up now?
(16) enwewn: todd
(16) Horis: I think we left?
(8) Todd: ok it is still not working for me
(16) enwewn: k we will work on it... you did remember to click the faces?
(8) Todd: Anyone else ready yet? Yes I clicked the faces
(16) Horis: and set out se, but I could be wrong the ales is getting to me
(6) Khalan: ready
(16) enwewn: ok I will see, we had other problems with tonight also...
(6) Khalan: Hey DM aren't you supposed to wait till we start playing before you kill us?
(13) Mike: whee
(8) Todd: Those are the bodies of the critters you kille dlast time
(10) Ken: do I come up as ken or milton?
(16) enwewn: ken right now
(13) Mike: what did you change to get it to come up as kahlen?
(8) Todd: who moved the bodies
(8) Todd: ?
(16) Horis: what critters
whispering to enwewn, Todd, me I will fix it
(8) Todd: you guys fought a bunch of zombies last time and Malkiev was the last one standing remember ?
(6) Khalan: ok if you say so
(14) Malkiev: No, I don't remember. That was lik 10 months ago.
(8) Todd: Of course he collapsed at the end
(16) Horis: yes, but being the nice soul that he is he healed me, I think
(8) Todd: no it wasn't ..more like 9 1/2
(6) Khalan: no i think it was 12 months ago
(8) Todd: everyone set
(8) Todd: ?
(10) Ken: ?
whispering to enwewn, Todd, yes, but I have been kill them with vampire.. so it seems longer
(6) Khalan: yeppers
(8) Todd: Mike smack Ken...
(10) Ken: What?
whispering to enwewn, Todd, whisers
(6) Khalan: *mike smacks Ken*
** (13) Mike smacks Ken **
(8) Todd: just for old times sake
(16) enwewn: and we were all in a pile.........
(8) Todd: So who is hurtin still?
(14) Malkiev: me
(6) Khalan: -10 here
(16) Horis: -10 also
(14) Malkiev: -11 here
(16) Horis: guess he didn't
(8) Todd: VAldrin and Milton?
(13) Valdrin: i dunno...
(13) Valdrin: hold on
(10) Ken: -11 I think
(14) Malkiev: err that was max -11 which is 22/33
(13) Mike: i don't have anything down... i am at 35 after i leveled
(16) Horis: not me i am at -10
(6) Khalan: -10/15
(16) Horis: you went there i think?
(8) Todd: Some one get Anagrad's sheet and get her fmini on the screen
(13) Mike: i thought i hid in the shadows and didn't get ass raped like the rest of them
(16) Horis: were not even
(13) Mike: shes not planning on playing for the time being... her sheet is buried in a bag in the closet
(8) Todd: Milton?
(8) Todd: ah
(8) Todd: Anagrad is back in Garnos
whispering to enwewn, Todd, damn it I was doing that
(10) Ken: what?
whispering to Ken, hp
(8) Todd (whispering): ha ha
(8) Todd: Milton what is your status?
(6) Khalan: dazed and confused as usaul
(10) Milton: I don't know. I left my character sheet in the car and it's six flights of stairs down
whispering to Ken, guess
(6) Khalan: just fing great
(10) Ken: I think I had 11points of damage from my max, which was 35 until I made a level and now it's 43
(8) Todd: Get your ass down ther e and get you sorry excuse for a butt back into the came :)
(14) Malkiev: [1d100] -> [34] = (34)
(8) Todd: Malkiev ; God Call huh?
(6) Khalan: ((occ brb))
(14) Malkiev: I was about to say something along those lines myself, but figured that was your job.
(13) Mike: (ooc he's on the way down)
(8) Todd: Dm to Valdrin
(8) Todd: You see the party is wasted and you are left out in the dark and cold
(13) Valdrin: hmmm... what to do what to do...
(16) Horis: thinking 'he is just going to rob us blind and leave'
(6) Khalan: (occ back)
(8) Todd: Action Valdrin?
(13) Mike: I am going to pick through the pockets of the gnome and fighter for anything of value and then see if I can't rouse anyone
(13) Mike: ...
(8) Todd: Which fighter?
(13) Mike: milton
(13) Valdrin: and horis
whispering to Malkiev, I'm a dwarf
whispering to Malkiev, opps
(8) Todd: Well you find nothing on the gnome...
whispering to Mike, i am a dwarf
(10) Milton: **is back**
(8) Todd: Horris wah tdoes he find on you?
(8) Todd: ((ooc thanx Ken))
(16) Horis: 5gp 7sp
(16) Horis: piece of glass and some soap
(13) Mike: i said of value damnit :)
(16) Horis: the staff
(16) Horis: nothing realy
(8) Todd: What do you do with the stuff Valdrin?
(13) Mike: i take 2 gold and 5 silver and leave the rest undisturbed and then try to rouse the paladin
(6) Khalan: (occ so does valdrin's searching take a round?)
(8) Todd: yes
(6) Khalan: ok now at -11out of 15
(8) Todd: The Paladin is bleeding rather profusley
(14) Malkiev: (ooc Can't be that bad, I'm at 22/33...)
(8) Todd: (( oops not so bad then))
(8) Todd: Valdrin roll d6
(13) Mike: [1d6] -> [5] = (5)
(8) Todd: Malkiev roll percentiles...
(14) Malkiev: [1d100] -> [81] = (81)
(8) Todd: Malkiev you snap out of it to see the thief standing over you
(14) Malkiev: (( Is it a sudden or gradual awakening? ))
(8) Todd: Pretty sudden))
whispering to Malkiev, snap to me inplies sudden
(14) Malkiev (whispering): Yes, I know what it IMPLIES, that's why I asked.
whispering to Malkiev, your the devil himself arn't you?
(14) Malkiev: *Sitting up suddenly* "What.. Huh?? What's going on?"
(13) Mike: hey... you got the wind knocked out of you by those things... we gotta get the rest of the party taken care of
whispering to enwewn, Todd, taking care of the guests
(8) Todd (whispering): yes and letting those two rp the situation
(14) Malkiev: *looks around*... Looks pretty bad.
(8) Todd: ((round))
(8) Todd: ((deduct uncons))
(14) Malkiev: *Stands up and walks over to Horis, then kneels down next to him and pleaces his hands upon Horis's chest and begins to concentrate.*
(13) Mike: yeah hopefully we can get everyone taken care of
(14) Malkiev: ((Lay on hands for 10 hp))
(8) Todd: roll it Malkiev
(16) Horis: thinking 'afmin this better work'
(17) CondorDM has sent you a tree node...
(8) Todd: (nvm Malkie)
(8) Todd: The lay on hands takes Horris to 0
(14) Malkiev: *looks to Valdrin* That's all I can do now besides trying to bandage them. Know anything about bandaging?
(13) Mike: i can work with herbs but i think my knowledge of bandages ends at applying a tourenquet 3 to 4 feet above the wound
(18) Dominion (enter): 00:26
whispering to Dominion, feel free to watch
(14) Malkiev: Umm... I think that's supposed to be inches....
(18) Dominion (whispering): What system are you using?
(13) Mike: exactly
whispering to Dominion, adnd2
(8) Todd: ((round))
(8) Todd: ((take the negs uncon))
(14) Malkiev: Anyway, do you have any herbs we can use on these guys?
(13) Mike: nothing on hand no... (I search the area) do I find anything useful?
(8) Todd: (( is your herb check?))
(6) Khalan: ((you find some soaproot))
whispering to Khalan, thats not nice
(13) Mike: int -2
(13) Mike: [1d20] -> [20] = (20)
(6) Khalan: ((guess not))
(8) Todd: roll your check
(13) Mike: [1d20] -> [13] = (13)
(17) CondorDM has sent you a tree node...
(13) Mike: int 16... i pass
(8) DM: you find a small cluster of plants at that location...appears to be some sort of balm like sap in them
(8) Todd: Malkiev you can use a wisdom check to bind the Kahlan's wounds
(13) Valdrin: malk, what do you make of these?
(6) Khalan: (( I'm a the now huh toad?))
(14) Malkiev: ((WIS 16))
(17) CondorDM has sent you a tree node...
(8) Todd: roll it
(14) Malkiev: I have no clue. Don't know anything about herbs...
(14) Malkiev: [1d20] -> [14] = (14)
(8) Todd: Malkiev stps Kahlans bleeding and Milton you come to at the asame time
(19) Noelle (enter): 00:36
(8) Todd: Milton action?
(10) Ken: What happened?
whispering to Noelle, hello watch allowed
(8) DM: ((ooc some one smack Ken))
(14) Malkiev: It seems we all got knocked around a bit.
(8) Todd: (( Valdrin roll a wisdom ))
(10) Ken: is everyone OK?
(14) Malkiev: Khalan and Horis are still unconcious, but we've managed to sotop their bleeding.
(10) Ken: Good
(13) Mike: [Bad dice format] - [1d20.dc(13)]
(19) Noelle: (Umm Khalan is dead if you go below -10 in D&D your dead.)
(13) Mike: [Bad dice format] - [1d20.dc(13,0)]
whispering to Noelle, we use con insted
(14) Malkiev: ((By our rules it's -CON))
(13) Valdrin: [1d10] -> [5] = (5)
(13) Mike: wisdom of 13
whispering to Noelle, please whisper
(19) Noelle: Disconnecting from server...
(19) Noelle (exit): 00:42
(8) Todd: Valdrin you see a rather large open wound near Kahlans heart and squeeze some ooze onto the wound
(8) Todd: ((rules lwayers piss me off ...Can Iget and amen?))
(13) Mike: amen
(17) CondorDM (whispering): ppl roam back and forth alot i run my games so ppl can come in only ppl i worrie about is me and my gamers having fun
(14) Malkiev: (( A-F'ing-MEN!!))
(6) kahlan: ((well since i'm uncon no))
(8) Todd: Valdrin roll d12
(16) enwewn: ((told him of the rules change right before he left))
(8) Todd: (( told who Joe?))
whispering to Dominion, you sure have been quite
(8) Todd: Valdrin!
whispering to enwewn, Todd, noelle
whispering to enwewn, Todd, i have been talk with condordm for awhile now
(14) Malkiev: ((Hey, people!! This isn't goping to work if people don't stay at their comps and play the damn game!!))
(13) Mike: [1d12] -> [6] = (6)
(8) Todd: Kahlan this herb works into your blood strream and stops the effects and takes you to 1
whispering to kahlan, beter off then me
(8) DM: You all notice that Horris is still out and the only one capableof healing any of you...
(13) Mike: do I have any of the herb left?
(8) Todd: Yes
(14) Malkiev: Hey, valadrin, try some of that plant stuff on the dwarf.
(16) Horis: dreaming 'so afmin are there any new things to kill today'
(8) Todd: D12 Valdrin
(6) afmin: "of course there are."
(13) Valdrin: again?
(13) Mike: i rolled it once
(8) Todd (whispering): quit playin my gods you dolt...))
(8) Todd: roll you...
(6)kahlan: ((now you gotta roll it for the dwarf))
whispering to enwewn, Todd, check the number it wasn't me
(13) Valdrin: [1d12] -> [11] = (11)
(14) Malkiev: ((In case you forgot, You have to roll for each attempt...))
(8) Todd: ((everyone check out the player helper has some helpful hints in it ...thanx Condor))
(17) CondorDM: (np)
(8) DM: Horris the drow heals you for once and you come too with 5 hp
(16) Horis: what vintage was that ale.
(13) Valdrin: 10th of Seslin
(16) Horis: orgh
(16) Horis: looks like we got the last of them thou...
(16) Horis: *looks at everyone in the group for damage"
(8) DM: AS you al lrecover slowly fom the close call you see that there is a goodly number of bodies left around
(8) Todd: Horis you only have half of the spell points you had left when you went uncon...
whispering to enwewn, Todd, that leaves 5 or 6 round up down
(14) Malkiev: *is bleeding somewhat but nothing fatal*
(8) Todd: It is near dawn now and you all see the sun peeking its head up over the horizon...
(16) Horis: malkiev, you can tough that out...
(6) kahlan: Maybe we should move away from these things
(13) Mike: .
(14) Malkiev: Thay do smell kinda ripe...
(16) Horis: Have they been check for clue to hwho sent them?
(6) kahlan: *turns to Valdrin* did you check them?
(13) Mike: i intended to
(14) Malkiev: I didn't check them.
(8) Todd: ((ok guys get ready to search))
(6) kahlan: ((ready))
(17) CondorDM (whispering): kewl
(13) Valdrin: ((ready))
(16) Horis: yeah lets get this over with...
(10) Milton: ((I was trying to figure out that nod thing))
(14) Malkiev: (( You kinda got the idea, but the ?? are supposed to be replaced by the values ))
(13) Mike: (( he's workin on it))
(14) Malkiev: *begins searching bodies*
** (13) Mike searches the others **
(16) Horis: *follows Malkiev's leads*
(8) Todd: You start to search the remains and you find that the trai lleads to a small grave yard just underthe shadow of the hill yo uwere on
(16) Horis: this isn't good at all
(10) Milton: there
(8) DM: you find on of the graves is set back further into the hill more like a crypt and is quite large
(6) kahlan: maybe we should skedaddle
(14) Malkiev: I secont that motion.
(6) kahlan: not that I can skedaddle that quick like this.
(16) Horis: I am not in the shape to do that agian tonight thou...
(16) Horis: But they are good pratice....
(10) Ken: well, I think we should limp away, then
** (14) Malkiev found the F12 macro key **
(6) kahlan: practice for what!.... being nknocked down?
(14) Malkiev: *faces the crypt and seems to be concentrating* (( Detecting evil intent ))
(8) Todd: [1d8] -> [7] = (7)
(8) Todd: [1d6] -> [3] = (3)
(8) Todd: [1d4] -> [3] = (3)
(8) DM: [1d10] -> [4] = (4)
(8) DM: [1d12] -> [4] = (4)
(8) DM: [1d20] -> [12] = (12)
(16) Horis: Fighting of course, just because they do it once does me they well be that lucky next time
whispering to CondorDM, that is fun in and of itself...
(8) DM: [1d100] -> [94] = (94)
(14) Malkiev: We should find a place to make camp. We all need a bit of rest.
(8) Todd: You all see Valdrin slipping into the crypt
whispering to CondorDM, it is always nice to watch or play after being the dm for a long time...
(14) Malkiev: Hey! What are you dioing!?
(16) Horis: damn fool...
(6) kahlan: flippin jerk is going to get us ll killed
(10) Milton: let him get himself killed. Let's get outta here
(6) kahlan: I say we just leave him
(16) Horis: that is a sound plan save for we need him on our quest...
(6) kahlan: who says so? maybe his part is done.
(10) Ken: he'll catch up
(16) Horis: I don't think this is the hard part...
(6) kahlan: I propose a vote.... all in favor of leaving his stupid ass here say aye.
(6) kahlan: aye
(10) Ken: I...
** (13) Valdrin shouts loudly **
(16) Horis: Who did you say?
(18) Dominion: Disconnecting from server...
(18) Dominion (exit): 01:19
(14) Malkiev: I don't think that's such a good idea. We don't know for sure what any of are really supposed to do, and we might still need him.
(22) Nug (enter): 01:19
(6) kahlan: well I am not going into that crypt! It's in the middle of the graveyard that those things came out of. There is probably more in there.
(8) Todd: you all hear the shout come from the crypt area and it sounds happily surprised
(14) Malkiev: I think we should go make sure he's not getting into trouble. *Walks into the crypt*
(16) Horis: nothing good will come of this...
(6) kahlan: *shouts out* Hey Vladrin you still alive in there?
(16) Horis: *Follows Malkiev*
(6) kahlan: *sighs* Well better we die together than to be seperated in this area.
** (10) Milton stares curiously **
(6) kahlan: *follows Horis*
whispering to Nug, we might be geting something done, thou I doubt it...
(8) Todd: those of you who go in see Valdrin standing in the crypt
whispering to enwewn, Todd, is it just me or is my mini gone?
(14) Malkiev: What's all the shouting about?
** (10) Ken follows Kahlan **
(8) Todd: ((does anyone see Hors' mini))
(14) Malkiev: (( no ))
(6) kahlan: ((id he's in the upper left hand corner))
(6) kahlan: ((moved him))

(6) kahlan: ((am I the only one who can see him???))
whispering to kahlan, looks that way
(8) Todd: ((did you find him Joe))
(17) CondorDM: (Is the mini behind another mini?)
whispering to enwewn, Todd, add a new one
(6) kahlan: ((he is exactly one square in front of me))
(14) Malkiev: (( Hey! There he is! ))
(8) Todd: As you enter the crypt you can see several chests and one garring drow
** (13) Valdrin wondrs how much of this he can carry himself **
(8) Todd: Horis Roll pecentile
(13) Valdrin: WOuld have been nice if someone would have bought some tack for the damn mule wouldn't it
(14) Malkiev: (( What the hell's a garring drow? ))
(10) Ken: ((this is why I need a riding dog))
(8) Todd: (( gapping* even))
(10) Ken: ((gaping?))
(14) Malkiev: *begins examining chests*
(8) Todd: HORIS percentiles
whispering to enwewn, Todd, *staring over the chest* whats the value here?
(16) Horis: [1d100] -> [69] = (69)
whispering to enwewn, Todd, that should have be chat
(6) kahlan: If you wanted Ttack for the flippin donkey you should have bought the damn thing yourself instead of sending the paladin
(16) Horis: *staring over the chest* whats the value here?
(8) Todd: Malkiev roll percentile
(14) Malkiev: [1d100] -> [46] = (46)
(10) Ken: ((what's in the chests))?
(14) Malkiev: No one told me to get TACK! I was told to get a DONKEY!
(8) Todd: Valdrin roll perctentiles
(13) Valdrin: yeah right, because just a damn rope makes him so useful...
(6) kahlan: *pats Malkiev consolingly* You did right. it's Valdrin who's the idiot.
(10) Ken: (( are they open?
(13) Valdrin: shut up you
(17) CondorDM: (/me then action)
** (17) CondorDM (see) **
(13) Valdrin: [1d100] -> [31] = (31)
(8) Todd: VAldrin roll d6
** (14) Malkiev search search searches. **
(13) Valdrin: [1d6] -> [4] = (4)
(16) Horis: *gazes*
(8) DM: Valdrin opens a chest and it is full to overflowing with gold
** (10) Ken is hoping to find gems inside **
** (13) Valdrin prays to Meredis that the shadows treat him well **
(13) Valdrin: [1d100] -> [34] = (34)
(8) Todd: Milton roll d100
(17) CondorDM (whispering): checking it out
(10) Milton: [1d100] -> [6] = (6)
** (14) Malkiev kneels down and starts spouting random prayers to Solvidon. **
(14) Malkiev: [1d100] -> [4] = (4)
(8) Todd: Milton roll 3 d 6
(10) Milton: [1d6] -> [1] = (1)
(16) Horis: Afmin, May our indever be blessed by this great bounty we have found, amen,
(10) Ken: [1d6] -> [2] = (2)
(10) Milton: [1d6] -> [3] = (3)
(13) Valdrin: ((copycats))
(16) Horis: [1d100] -> [63] = (63)
** (6) kahlan figures out she isn't important enough to roll percentiles. **
** (13) Valdrin mutters under his breath "Meredis blessed be your presence to preserve this treasure for our benifit" **
(8) Todd: Milton opens a chest and finds 600 electrum
(8) Todd: Kahlan roll d100
(6) kahlan: [1d100] -> [90] = (90)
(8) DM: Horis roll d100

(14) Malkiev: Solvidon, Almight Seeker of Justice, bring to us prosperity this day that we might better ourselves.
whispering to CondorDM, 21 to 32 i think... avg is about 25
(16) Horis: [1d100] -> [80] = (80)
(8) Todd: Mlakiev roll d100
(14) Malkiev: [1d100] -> [70] = (70)
(16) Horis: Afmin in your great wisdom, please show us the path to best horron your name..
(8) Todd: Milton roll d100
(10) Milton: [1d100] -> [38] = (38)
(8) Todd: Milton finds a ring
(8) Todd: a small silver ring unadorned
(8) Todd: Kahlan d100
(6) kahlan: [1d100] -> [77] = (77)
(16) Horis: [1d6] -> [5] = (5)
(8) DM: Malkiev d20
(6) kahlan: ((he went out to his truck for a second))
(8) Todd: ((ok brb myself))
(14) Malkiev: [1d20] -> [7] = (7)
(8) DM: ((back))
(8) Todd: MAlkiev finds a spear buried in the rubble around the chests
(8) Todd: ((ok...Kat we are going to ident. these now but it is all ooc..))
(6) kahlan: (( huh?))
(8) Todd: We are going to find out what these are but no one knows yet..everyone get it now?))
(14) Malkiev: (( Got it ))

(6) kahlan: ((they found it they can keep track of it unless they are telling me they are putting it in party treasure))
(8) DM: Milton rolld6
(10) Ken: [1d6] -> [6] = (6)
(8) Todd: Kahlan d20
(6) Kahlan: [1d20] -> [3] = (3)
(8) DM: Ring of the Ram... Milton what you doin with it for now?
(8) Todd: Milton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]
(10) Ken: I think we should all split it
(8) Todd: Milton what you doin with the ring?
(10) Ken: I mean the treasure
(6) Kahlan: you got smithing?
(6) Kahlan: and a forge to cut the ring up with?
(10) Ken: I mean share it
(8) Todd: Horis, roll d20
(16) Horis: [1d20] -> [20] = (20)
(16) Horis: Milton stop playing with that and put it away. *points to the ring*
(6) Kahlan: ((if you want to share what you find you can, but that doesn't mean everyone else will.. now what are you going to do with the ring you found? keep it for yourself or put it in party treasure?))
(8) Todd: Malkiev you found a +3 spear
whispering to Nug, you bored/excited
** (10) Ken puts the ring away **
(8) Todd: (( ken record what the ring was then
** (14) Malkiev places the sepear +3 in the fabled extradimentional "party treasure space". **
(6) Kahlan: It's not fabled it's on the ass
whispering to Malkiev, up his ass ;)
(14) Malkiev (whispering): ouch!
(8) Todd: (( dm note: fabled space does not exist as of yet since you have all been relativley broke since you joined up...))
whispering to Malkiev, you can get away with it If I tried it would come back out my mouth...
(14) Malkiev: (( that's why it's fabled... ))
(8) Todd: :)
** (6) Kahlan slaps Malkiev upside the head. **
(14) Malkiev (whispering): I'm not THAT tall...
whispering to Malkiev, taller then me
(8) Todd: There seems to be no apparent threat in this are aas of now and there is some serious healingto do...
(6) Kahlan: ((duh))
(16) Horis: as the others search through the chests I heal Kahlan
whispering to enwewn, Todd, cure light wounds
(14) Malkiev: This seems like a nice place to rest.
(16) Horis: [1d8] -> [7] = (7)
(6) Kahlan: until the owner of this stuff comes back and kicks our butts anyway....
(14) Malkiev: So we lock the door.
(8) Todd: :everyone loks around and finds no door
(16) Horis: Mounting a defence in these cramped quater is not advisable...
(23) No Name (enter): 02:04
** (6) Kahlan examines door to see if she can find a lock **
(23) No Name: hello?
whispering to No Name, hello we are playing please whipser
(6) Kahlan: ((so how big is this room anyway?))
(23) No Name: sorry guys im new ill just sit here and watch
whispering to No Name, watch along as you like we don't care...
(8) DM: ((np))
(10) Ken: ((good, cause you're not in the game))
whispering to Milton, be nice
(8) Todd: ((Some one smack KEn))
(14) Malkiev: (( *slaps Ken* ))
** (6) Kahlan slaps Milton. **
whispering to Ken, change to use real name in the alias box
(10) Ken: what was that for?
(6) Kahlan: ((no call to be rude.))
(16) Horis: AS afmin as my guide I shall not fall...
(10) Milton: ((that was IN character))
whispering to enwewn, Todd, cure light wounds
(16) Horis: [1d8] -> [5] = (5)
(16) Horis: [1d8] -> [7] = (7)
(8) Todd: The room is roughly the size of a small commons room in a tavern
(8) Todd: (( Who are you healing Horis?))
(16) Horis: The smell seem to be getting bad...
whispering to enwewn, Todd, me
(16) Horis: though her battle was hard let her not feel its effects... (Kahlan)
(16) Horis: [1d8] -> [8] = (8)
(10) Ken: ((brb))
(6) Kahlan: ok enough already...... your are going to heal me to death here
whispering to Kahlan, the 13 were for me not you
(8) Todd: The day would pass rather safely in here as most of you would know from experience
whispering to Kahlan, I need to remember to make things a little more clear
(6) Kahlan: Thanks Horis
whispering to sidewinder, new to adnd?
(14) Malkiev: (( A Paladin who spends a lot of time hangign out id crypts? ))
whispering to Malkiev, whole ground?
(8) Todd: (( well you know what I mean damn it))
(6) Kahlan: ((i don't think my mage spent a lot of time in graveyards during her training.))
(10) Ken (whispering): Am I coming out as Ken or Milton?
(14) Malkiev (whispering): You mean Holy ground?

whispering to Kahlan, she might have, the wizards can be priks
(6) Kahlan (whispering): you jerk I did not specialize in necormancy
whispering to Malkiev, that's not what a was going for more of a pun
whispering to Ken, ken agian
whispering to Ken, you had gotten it changes in the tree but the alias what still ken
(14) Malkiev (whispering): ok, I don't get it, but that's not unusual.
(10) Ken: ((back))
(14) Malkiev: (( Foront ))
whispering to Malkiev, hole as in dug holes, played off of holy, I didn't type it right anyway
(14) Malkiev: (( Front even ))
(8) DM: So who feels up to keeping a watch ?
(13) Valdrin: I will
(16) Horis: Though wery from the last fight I can take a watch..
(14) Malkiev: I can go a week without sleep.
(6) Kahlan: Sorry i need to sleep for at least 8 hours
(10) Ken: I'll take second
(16) Horis: I can use the sleep if I can get it.
(13) Valdrin: your beat Horis, get some rest
(14) Malkiev: Sleep, priest, we need your magic.
(6) Kahlan (whispering): your our bandaid you have to sleep or we will all die
(16) enwewn: ((back))
(6) Kahlan: ((side))
(14) Malkiev: (( backside ))
whispering to Kahlan, charcter it is all about character
(8) Todd: ((who is first watch? I need to know for prep reasons))
(13) Valdrin: me
(6) Kahlan: ((why so you can kill them))
(14) Malkiev: (( I'll take 3rd ))
(8) Todd: (( Welllllll :() ))
(16) enwewn: ((perp we have a good hour of time still))
(8) Todd: ((not with the killer headache I have
(13) Valdrin: or the fact that ken has to be up at 0500
(16) enwewn: ((get a beter monitor))
(13) Valdrin: or me at 0800
(16) enwewn: ((he can tough it out)) ;-)
(16) enwewn: ((fine))
(14) Malkiev: (( I have to be up some time after i go to bed ))
(8) Todd: So we did it guys...Any feed back with out being too rough guys?))
(16) enwewn: more practice
whispering to CondorDM, open it up...

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